Duralax Crystal Grout
(For filling wider tile joints of pavements / outdoor tiles)
Description: Duralax Crystal Grout is a single part high degree of hardness calibrated and smooth finish that is suitable for high registance grouting for 2 mm to 10 mm on wall vertical & horizontal surfaces.
Application : use a sponge or sponge board, dampended with clean water to clean the tiles surface allow about 10 minutes for the grout to dry little before clearing of clean diagonally to the joint lines.
- once the grout has suficiently set within the joints, polish the surface with a clean cottons cloth alternatively give a final was down with a clean water using a dempened sponge.
the addition of Duralax Adit to cement based grout will enhance adhesion to tile edges water registance and improve flexibility.
Suitable Substrate : Suitable for all grouting of floor tiles, wall tiles and glass mosaic in interiors and exteriors with grout joints beetween 23 to 10 mm wide such as
Packing Detail : 1 kg.
Colour : Avilable in a range of more than 20 colours.